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Industrial Injury

EMS Works at High Risk for Injury

EMS Workers Face Higher Risk of Work Injuries For EMS drivers and medical technicians, danger is part of the job. Houston emergency medical workers experience more injuries related to work than those in many other fields, according to statistics provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor. About 450 of 10,000 emergency medical workers who work…..

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Rights After a Chemical Spill?

Victims of Chemical Spills Have Rights Chemical spills are much more common than the makers of chemicals would have people believe. Hazardous chemicals may be radioactive, poisonous, combustible, flammable or explosive. Many people use products that contain hazardous chemicals and store them in their homes every day. They are usually handled without much thought, but…..

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Exposed to Mercury From Fossil Fuels

Toxic Mercury Used by Fossil Fuel Industries Mercury comes from coal, and the pollution containing mercury is usually the result of coal power plants. Mercury is known as a neurotoxin, and it causes damage to the nervous system and brain. It may be taken in through skin contact, ingestion or inhalation. It is especially dangerous…..

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The Hidden Risk of Ethanol

Ethanol is being used to reduce the conventional emissions from gasoline used by automobiles. However, it has its own risks, in leading to toxic and sometimes explosive gases that can enter buildings, as explained by environmental researchers working at Rice University. A Houston personal injury attorney can represent people exposed to the gas when it…..

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Workers Impacted by Chemicals at Goodyear Plant

It has become known that workers exposed to chemicals at the Niagara Falls Goodyear plant will have their health impacted for years. There have been links discovered that connect the chemical factory to bladder cancer, going back to the 1980s. 50 cases have been confirmed thus far that are linked to carcinogen exposure, according to…..

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OSHA Is No Match for Workplace Injuries

When a 41-year-old worker in good physical shape dies on the job, something must be done to help his family. Texas is a state filled with refinery and chemical tanks, and they need to be cleaned. That’s what Adan Juan Padron was doing when he died. Oxygen lines can fail and high-pressure hoses can turn…..

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Hydrofluoric Acid – A Toxic Ingredient Used in Fossil Fuels

Hydrofluoric acid, also known as HF, is a highly dangerous gas, which can cause immediate damage to lungs. This may lead to chronic lung disease. If skin is exposed to HF, the gas will penetrate into the deep tissues, and may even alter the cellular structure in bones. It can be fatal if it is…..

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Chemical plants continue to pose major risks for communities

People all over the country still remember the fertilizer plan explosion that claimed 17 lives, injured hundreds more, and destroyed many homes in West, Texas. According to an article published by Scientific American, Greenpeace believes that these types of accidents could become more common. Greenpeace warns that there are many facilities across the country that…..

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Brain injury awareness month – March 2014

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has marked March 2014 as brain injury awareness month. The organization’s primary message is that brain injuries can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. According to the BIAA factsheet, 35% of traumatic brain injuries are caused by falls, 17% by car crashes, and 16% by workplace accidents. This means…..

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National Federation of Independent Business opposes safety programs

Maria Contreras-Sweet has recently been nominated to head the Small Business Administration. The Houston Chronicle has reported that many business organizations have already been speaking up with suggestions for Contreras-Sweet. Many of the demands were fairly predictable. Businesses want more access to capital, so that they can expand. They also want to be awarded more contracts…..

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