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Motor Vehicle Accident

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Motor Vehicle Accident

Family of Four Survives Collision with a Train in Fort Worth

When you hear about a train impacting an occupied vehicle you probably assume the worst, and for good reason.   Miraculously, however, a family of five survived a collision with a freight train this morning in Fort Worth. The accident occurred this morning around 8:00 am on Bidderson Street, near the TCU campus.  According to Fort…..

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Motorcycles and Cars: Suing for Damages

  If you’re out on the roadways on a motorcycle, you have the exact same rights as any other vehicle on the road, but you’re at a much greater risk of getting hurt. There’s nothing inherently dangerous about motorcycles, but you do lack the tons of steel around you to protect you in the event…..

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Two Bicyclists Killed After Being Hit By Car

On September 21, 2013, the 40th Annual Granite State Wheelman Tri-State Seacoast Century Ride took place.  The famous bicycle race follows the coasts of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine.  But tragically this year, shortly after the race began, a car traveling south on the route crossed over onto the northbound side, striking four people.  Two…..

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Deadly Bus Crash in Tennessee Kills Eight

A church bus full of senior citizens returning from a gospel gathering was involved in a horrific crash on Thursday, October 3.  The left front tire of the bus blew out, causing the driver to lose control and cross over from the eastbound side to oncoming westbound traffic.  The bus then clipped an SUV, kept…..

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Child Killed in Accident Involving an ATV

All-terrain vehicles are usually driven or used by adults, so it is usually a surprise to a community when a child is injured, or worse yet, killed. In Kingsport, TN, this is exactly what happened. A four-year-old boy died after playing around the ATV as it sat parked. Authorities say that it somehow became dislodged…..

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Teenager to Be Charged in Fatal ATV Accident

A Houston teenager is facing charges after an ATV accident that killed a 16 year-old girl. Reporting on 13MWAZ revealed that the teenager was recovering from his injuries and that the recovery process is likely to be a long one. The news station attempted to interview him, but family members cut the interview short. The…..

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Metro Transit Van Passenger Killed in Crash

Following a crash on US 131, a Metro Transit van passenger has died. The director of Metro Transit offered condolences to the family of the victim. This family may contact a personal injury attorney to advise them about their legal course of action following an accidental death. The transit authority says that it will fully…..

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Road Construction Accidents

Road construction projects can be hazardous areas, with traffic continuing around the site and heavy equipment being used. According to Your Houston News, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, launched an investigation in November 2013 into a road construction accident near Houston, which sent two road workers to the hospital. These…..

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Texas Woman Accused of Causing Fatal Accident

A Texas woman has been accused of running a red light, which caused a fatal accident. Sadly, she didn’t even have a good reason to be speeding. A Houston personal injury attorney could help the family of the victim in the case to find some sense of justice. The incident began when the woman allegedly…..

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The Perils of First Responders in Winter Weather

Winter weather in Texas results in many auto accidents and slips and falls. First responders must still be ready to respond to emergencies, even when conditions are poor. A Dallas personal injury attorney knows that first responders receive many calls per hour in bad weather. Many are the typical falls on ice or car accidents,…..

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