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Product Liability

Injured at Work? Call A Personal Injury Attorney

Do You Work in a Sick Building? We hear of sick people all the time, but who knows anything about sick buildings? A Dallas personal injury lawyer does. There are buildings in every city that contain chemicals and vapors that can cause workers to become ill. Occupational lung disease is just one of the problems…..

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What to Know about Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma Information When people suffer from diagnosed mesothelioma, they need to begin the process for compensation while they begin medical treatment for the disease. Houston personal injury attorneys can advise clients of the proper documentation needed to prove that they do indeed have mesothelioma, and they will find the employer or building owner who caused…..

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Personal Injury Attorney: How Safe Is Fracking

Fracking is done in Northern Texas, but few people know that the Coast Guard may allow waste water from fracking in the Appalachian Mountains to be taken by barge into waters off the coast of Texas. The barges would travel along rivers in the United States, and people who live near the rivers are alarmed…..

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Houston Injury Attorney: Recalled Yogurt Causes Sickness

Investigations are currently underway to determine the level at which people have become ill after consuming a Greek yogurt that has been recalled. There has been a voluntary recall of about five percent of the Chobani Greek yogurt product. The cups involved did appear swollen. They were made in Twin Falls and had expiration dates…..

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Dallas personal injury attorneys make bad times easier

When you or someone in your family is suffering through a personal injury caused by the negligence of someone else, it can be a very hard time. It can seem as though the entire world is against you, and you do not know what to do or where to turn next. In those cases, remember,…..

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