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Elmiron Symptoms of Vision Loss

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Have you or a loved one experienced vision loss due to the prescription drug Elmiron? 

Unfortunately, thousands of Americans are injured or experience permanent physical dysfunction due to pharmaceutical drugs every year. 

In the case of Elmiron, many people who are prescribed this drug are currently experiencing vision loss. 

If you or a family member take Elmiron and are now experiencing vision changes, reach out to the trusted team at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP today. 

We offer free consultations for lawsuits involving Elmiron. 

Understanding Elmiron

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Elmiron is a pharmaceutical medication used to treat bladder disease. It is the brand name of the drug pentosan polysulfate sodium and is produced and distributed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. 

Elmiron was first approved for use by the FDA in 1996. Since then, it has commonly been prescribed to treat certain bladder conditions, specifically painful bladder syndrome. 

Painful bladder syndrome often causes pelvic pain that extends beyond the bladder. Elmiron works by forming a layer across the bladder to protect it from irritants such as urine. 

Outside of bladder conditions, sometimes physicians might prescribe Elmiron to treat osteoarthritis. 

The dangers of Elmiron were first presented in 2019 at the American Urology Association Annual Meeting. Dr. Nierja Jain presented the startling findings involving vision loss connected with this drug.

What’s even more disturbing is that the dangerous vision side effects weren’t even listed on the Elmiron bottle until June of 2020.

Does Elmiron cause vision loss?

Unfortunately, Elmiron has been shown to cause vision loss due to ocular toxicity. It might seem strange that a medication used to treat bladder problems is causing serious side effects impacting the eyes and vision. 

But this drug produces a buildup of toxins in the retina and macula — a condition called pigmentary maculopathy. 

This type of maculopathy is unique to users of Elmiron. Complicating matters, it wasn’t until recently that the connection between Elmiron and vision loss was discovered. 

That means victims of this medication have been losing their vision for close to 25 years. Hundreds of thousands of people may have been impacted by Elmiron’s side effects. 

What vision loss symptoms does Elmiron cause?

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If you’ve taken Elmiron in the past, or are currently prescribed this drug, watch for these vision altering symptoms:

  • Altered reading vision
  • Complete blindness
  • Pain inside the eyes
  • Poor vision in low light
  • Distorted or blurry vision
  • Dimming vision


That is a truncated list of possible symptoms. Keep in mind that these symptoms can occur in one or both of your eyes. 

If you have taken Elmiron or are currently prescribed it and are noticing changes in your vision, contact your doctor immediately. Afterward, contact our law firm. 

Never stop taking a prescription without first consulting with your physician. 

Is vision loss due to Elmiron reversible?

Unfortunately, the vision loss caused by Elmiron is not reversible. But caught early and by ceasing the use of Elmiron, vision loss can be minimized. 

That makes it all the more important to visit your doctor if you are currently taking or have been prescribed Elmiron. 

In the late stages of Elmiron related vision loss, the damage is permanent and gets progressively worse.

I am currently taking Elmiron. Do I need to visit a doctor even if I am not experiencing vision-related symptoms?

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Yes. Even if you aren’t currently experiencing symptoms of vision loss, you are still at risk of permanent Elmiron-linked damage to your eyes. Don’t risk permanent vision loss. 

Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your medications immediately. The sooner

Can I claim damages if my vision has been impacted by Elmiron?

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Absolutely. But it’s essential that you reach out to legal counsel as soon as possible. If you or a loved one has been impacted by vision loss due to the prescription medication Elmiron, contact our legal team.

Our lawyers and litigators have years of experience taking on pharmaceutical companies to get you the compensation you deserve. You might be entitled to:

  • Coverage for medical bills
  • Lost income, including lost future income if your vision loss keeps you from working
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish compensation
  • Punitive damages
  • Cost of living aids


Our Goal

At Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, our goal is to offer our clients superior results via personal, compassionate services. 

Injuries due to unsafe pharmaceuticals can take a devastating toll on your life. We understand that your life has been changed forever and are here to help you thrive.

We understand how vision loss will impact your life, and that is why we offer free case reviews regarding Elmiron. 

We believe everyone deserves to get the answers to their questions right away.   

If you find yourself in a personal injury or vision loss situation due to taking Elmiron, please contact us to begin the process of recovery today.  

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