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What are the signs of a traumatic brain injury?

Let’s face it: most of us are not medical doctors. So when it comes to the self-diagnosis after an injury, we should leave it to the professionals. What happens if you have an injury but you’re not quite sure if … Continue reading

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Vet brain injuries from bomb blasts may not have symptoms

It’s one thing to think that you have a brain injury, know the symptoms and seek the proper medical advice based on that knowledge. But what about a brain injury where there are no symptoms? Researchers say this may be … Continue reading

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University of Texas receives $15m grant to study brain injuries

Brain injury research is back in the news, though the truth is probably that it never really left. The topic is a hot one because doctors are constantly finding new victims of brain injuries with causes that are outside of … Continue reading

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Police: Shaking causes baby’s traumatic brain injury

Police in Florida are investigating a man who reportedly shook or struck an 11-month-old baby so hard that the child suffered from blood clots and seizures. Such tragic news and the possible long term effects of such abuse make up … Continue reading

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Texas Researcher receives a patent for new brain injury treatment

Dr. James Lechleiter has received a patent for a finding that could significantly change the way that we treat brain injuries in the future. Dr. Lechleiter, a professor at UT Health Science Center San Antonio, discovered a class of compounds … Continue reading

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Protecting yourself against traumatic brain injury

Unless you personally know someone who has survived one, it is easy to overlook the devastating consequences of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Thousands of people, children and adults, experience these types of injuries every year, and it is important … Continue reading

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