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Industrial Injury Lawsuits

There are laws and regulations in place by the state and federal government aimed toward industrial job safety. Equipment training and facilities are all important. Workers may fall off temporary structures or get hit by airborne projectiles. Toxic chemicals, gases, and hazardous materials such as asbestos can cause diseases and health issues. At Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, we will file a successful suit on behalf of you regarding your industrial injury case.

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Workers’ compensation

A claim made by an employee may be edible for disability, medical, or death benefits due to state workers compensation insurance program. The employee or family does not need to show the employer was at fault to recover. (more on workman’s compensation claims)


Maritime claims

If a worker is injured offshore while workings on a ship, oil rig, or the like, they may be entitle to compensation from general maritime law. Examples of the statues in place are: Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, Death on High Seas Act, or the Jones Act. (more on maritime & Jones Act claims)

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Personal injury and wrongful death claims

If your employer does not have workers’ compensation you may be able to file suit for personal injury or wrongful death. (more on personal injury lawsuits)

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Product liability claims

If your employer had you use defective equipment, the manufacturer of the equipment may be liable for your injuries or your loved one’s death.

Safety and Precaution

If any safety laws or acts were violated and caused your injury or death of a family member, there may be a serious liability on behalf of the employer. Safety regulations may often change as technology advances and times move on. Sometimes factories, oil rigs, and similar occupations may fall behind on these changing laws.

If you are the victim of an industrial injury, industrial accident, or have suffered the death of a family member in an industrial accident, please call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP immediately so we can get started on a free consultation.