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In our world today, we use innumerable products to get us through the day. From car seats that we install in the cars we drive around, to the bed rails that are supposed to keep our elderly safe, the products that we rely on to keep us safe can oftentimes be exactly what causes us harm. These products are usually safe and reliable, but when an injury occurs, it can be serious. Thousands of Americans suffer amputations, burns, electrocutions, and even death each year because of defective products.

There are several ways to hold a manufacturer responsible under product liability. The first is strict liability. When a product injures a consumer, product liability law can hold the manufacturer responsible, regardless of whether there was negligence involved. All that matters is that there was a defect and that the defect caused the harm. This is called strict liability.

Second, there is the theory of negligence, under which a manufacturer did not take reasonable care, and an injury resulted.

Finally, with breach of warranty, a manufacturer states that the product will perform in a certain way, but it fails to do so, causing an injury.

There are three main types of claims in product liability law:

Failure to Warn: The manufacturer did not properly warn users of the dangers and potentially sustainable injuries of the product. Pharmaceutical litigation often relies on failure to warn claims.

Manufacturing Defect: The problem with the product arises with its manufacture. This could be due to lax manufacturing practices and protocols, poor quality materials, or improperly trained employees.

Design Defect: In order to prove a design defect, the injured party must show that if an alternate, safer design had been used, the injury or harm would have been prevented.


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