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Maritime Lawyer

Here in the Gulf Coast, we have a concentration of oil and gas industry operations providing employment to a large number of residents in areas adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. These maritime workers are often exposed to dangerous working conditions and may suffer injuries as a result. Gulf Coast maritime workers may have cause for legal action based on the circumstances and conditions surrounding the accident and injury. If you or a loved one has been involved in a maritime or offshore accident, know that you may have rights to compensation for your injuries and trauma related to the accident. Before accepting settlement payments or even discussing the matter with your employer’s insurance company, you should consult with an experienced maritime attorney. Our attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge in maritime law, and can bring you the immediate answers and help that you need.

Hiring The Right Maritime Attorneys

Having the right maritime lawyer on your side can make the difference between receiving what you truly deserve and receiving what the insurance companies think you deserve. Many times, maritime and offshore injury cases are settled out of court, before trial, but litigation is often necessary for proper resolution. The maritime lawyers at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP prepare for litigation from the outset to ensure that they are fully prepared for any situation that may present itself. For further information on maritime & offshore injury related claims and cases, please review the practice area summaries below.

Admiralty Law

Admiralty law deals with the application of law to events that occur in navigable waters. This generally includes events occurring in oceans, large lakes or rivers that can be used for commercial purposes. Seeking compensation for an injury in navigable waters can be a tricky process without an experienced maritime injury lawyer on your side. (more details for admiralty law lawsuits here )

Longshoreman And Harbor Workers’ Rights

The federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) allows longshoremen and harbor workers to recover medical costs and two-thirds of their average weekly wages during periods of disability as a result of injury on the job. Hire an experienced maritime lawyer to assist you in recovering all that you’re entitled to. (more information regarding longshoreman and harbor workers’ rights found here )

Jones Act Claims

Seamen, harbor workers, merchant mariners or other individuals working on or to support a water-going vessel are at risk for injury each day on the job. The federal Jones Act grants extensive rights and protections to these workers in addition to traditional workers’ compensation protection. (find more information concerning Jones Act claims here )

Maritime Injury

Maritime law is different from general state liability law and there are traps for the unseasoned maritime lawyer. Receiving experienced, proper legal guidance from a maritime lawyer is essential. (more information regarding maritime injury )

Maritime Piracy

Maritime piracy has existed since the beginning of maritime commerce. Maritime workers are entitled to protection while on the job. If you’ve been injured as the result of an act of maritime piracy, your employer may be liable for your injuries, pain and suffering. (get details on maritime piracy claims )

Injury In Foreign Waters

Maritime workers injured while working overseas have the right to receive compensation for their injuries. We can protect your right to receive proper medical treatment as well as compensation. (read more about injury in foreign waters claims )

Offshore Accidents

If you or a loved one was injured in an offshore accident involving an offshore drilling rig, a tug boat, barge, shrimp boat, or fishing boat, you may be entitled to receive compensation under the Jones Act or other maritime laws. (more information regarding offshore accidents )

Seaman Injury Cases

Seamen who are injured or become ill while on service of their vessel have the right to receive free medical care, food and shelter. In addition to these rights, they are entitled to much more which can be found listed in our seaman injury cases section. Contact one of our maritime attorneys for more information today. (learn more about seaman injury cases )

Victim’s Medical Rights

Victims of maritime accidents have rights to medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering. Make sure you are aware of your rights in the event of an injury. Don’t let your employer or the insurance companies take advantage of you at a vulnerable time. (find out more about victim’s medical rights here )

Hiring a Maritime Lawyer

Workers injured while working offshore need a maritime attorney who is well versed in maritime law. Make sure that you know which questions to ask when choosing a Jones Act lawyer to represent you in your case. (learn more about hiring a Jones Act lawyer )

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