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Greyhound is based in Texas, and is the largest bus company in America.  It serves thousands of locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

What does Greyhound do After a Greyhound Bus Accident?

First, Greyhound bus drivers or risk adjusters who arrive on the accident scene attempt to have passengers fill out C-4 forms.  The information in the C-4 form is used to help Greyhound in defending itself against injured passengers.  If the information in the C-4 form regarding the accident and your injuries is helpful to you, then Greyhound and its lawyer may attempt to keep the documents from being discovered during a bus accident lawsuit.  Alternatively, if there is something helpful to Greyhound in the C-4 form, Greyhound will attempt to use it against you.

Second, Greyhound will attempt to have bus accident passengers give recorded statements.  Greyhound will have someone trained in injury claims ask the injured bus passenger questions for the recorded statement.  Greyhound hires and trains people to ask injured passengers questions in a way that provokes answers that harm the passenger’s case.  This is one of the many reasons we always advise clients involved in motor vehicle accidents to NEVER give a recorded statement.

Third and most important, bus companies like Greyhound will approach injured bus accident passengers or their loved ones and offer low amounts of money to settle their injury claims.  If a passenger accepts money directly from Greyhound, it is likely that he will be barred from attempting to obtain financial compensation from Greyhound in the future.

What does Greyhound do after an Injury Claim is Filed?

Once a bus accident lawsuit is filed, Greyhound will engage in its standard practice of denying the claim.  Even if Greyhound is clearly negligent, or, even grossly negligent, it will deny responsibility and refuse to pay the claim.  Further, Greyhound’s attorneys will hire experts to testify that the bus passenger was not injured, or if injured, then the expert will testify that the passenger’s injury is not nearly as serious as the injured passenger claims.

From the time of the bus accident to the time Greyhound presents its experts in a deposition or at trial, it is clear that Greyhound is willing to go to great lengths to defend its conduct and minimize the amount of money it has to pay to right its wrongs and compensate injured passengers.  Greyhound goes to great lengths to protect its money, therefore it is critical that you hire an experienced injury attorney who knows how to deal with Greyhound’s defense tactics.


These are only three of the many strategies a bus company like Greyhound will attempt in order to minimize having to take full responsibility for its negligence.  Greyhound has teams specialized in handling claims and injured passengers.  If you want a real chance and being compensated for your injuries, contact the bus accident attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP and begin arming yourself with the information you need to protect your legal rights and hold the bus company responsible.