Texas Auto Product Liability Lawyer

Airbags were a huge step forward in car safety, but there still thousands of air bag injuries that occur each year.  Defective airbags can cause spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, eye injuries, fractures and other serious injuries.

There are many things that can go wrong with airbags:

  • A manufacturer may fail to properly test airbags with crash test dummies
  • Sensors may be faulty, causing unnecessary deployment, or deployment that comes too late
  • An airbag may improperly inflate by inflating horizontally instead of up and out
  • An airbag may over-inflate or inflate in an improper shape

Airbags, properly inflated or not, are particularly dangerous to children, which is why all children up to age 12 should ride in the back seat.  Infants are safest in rear-facing infant car seats.

What are some other ways to stay safe behind the wheel, and to make sure your airbags keep you safe instead of injure you?  First and foremost, always wear your seat belt.  As stated, children are safest in car seats in the back of the car.  In addition, adjust your seat so that there is as much room as is comfortably possible between your seat and the steering wheel.  Adjust the steering wheel so that it faces your chest instead of your face and neck.

If you suspect a defective air bag was responsible for your serious injury, call a car defect attorney at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP to learn about you legal rights.  Our attorneys are available to discuss your case and give you guidance as to the best way in which to proceed.