Tire Defect Attorney

Tire defects can lead to horrible accidents that cause serious injuries or worse: wrongful death.  A tire blow out may occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Adhesion failures
  • De-treading
  • Tire age
  • Tire construction
  • Tire design defects
  • Tire manufacture defects

Blowouts cause the tire to wrap around the wheel, preventing the driver from being able to control the vehicle.  In many instances, tire blowouts can lead to roll over accidents and roof crush injuries in SUVs.  In many instances, highway patrol officers and police officers investigating the scene will not suspect a tire blowout caused by a defective tire.  However, a close inspection by a high caliber expert may reveal the cause of the accident was not driver error, but the result of a defective tire.

Physical Injuries Caused By Tire Blowout

Tire defects often result in serious automobile collisions.  Kirkendall Dwyer LLP has the resources and experience necessary to pursue wrongful death and personal injury claims for brain injuriesspinal cord injuries, amputations, fractures and broken bones resulting from a car wreck caused by a tire defect or blowout.

To determine whether or not your auto accident was caused by a defective tire, call a product liability attorney at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP to schedule your free consultation today.  An auto defect attorney can help evaluate whether you are legally entitled to financial compensation.