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Unfortunately, there are thousands of truck accidents on the road every year.  Because of the sheer size and mass of these trucks, there are no simple truck accidents.  When passenger cars and 18 wheelers collide on the road, there is inevitably serious property damage as well as personal injury.

At Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, we know that parsing out liability in these cases is a complicated task.  From the part manufacturers to the loading companies to the drivers themselves, liability can be spread out across numerous parties.  Our attorneys have the skills and experience to hold each involved party responsible so that you can recover full compensation for your injuries.

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What Caused My Truck Accident?

Trucking accidents are rarely straightforward.  Most often there are multiple factors that contribute to an 18 wheeler accident.  From defective parts to distracted driving, the right attorney will be able to get to the bottom of your accident.  Click here for more on trucking accident causes.

Injured Motorist

If you are the victim of a 18-wheeler truck crash, you most likely have more than one serious sustained injury.  Trucking accident injuries can include spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and brain injury.  These type injuries can affect every aspect of your life, from your personal relationships to the way you earn your living.  An attorney from Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can help you recover compensation for your injuries.  Click here for more on injured motorist’s rights.

Injured Truck Drivers

Truck drivers can suffer serious injury in 18 wheeler accidents as well.  Click here for more on injured truck driver’s rights.

Truck Accident Investigation

Thorough and expert truck accident investigations are critical in building a strong case.  Our attorneys have the resources to investigate your 18 wheeler accident.  Black box recorders on-board trucks provide valuable information, as do driver and company records.  Click here for more on trucking accident investigation.

Truck Insurance

Trucks have to be insured just as passenger cars do, as per state and federal laws.  When they are uninsured and found to be driving there are serious consequences.  However, uninsured drivers are not the only problem you can face when confronted with a trucking accident.  Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with.  With an experienced attorney on your side, you can rest assured that you have a strong voice against the insurance companies.   Click here for more on trucking insurance.

Under-Ride Accidents

Some of the most gruesome trucking accidents are underride accidents.  An underride accident occurs when a small car is following too close behind an 18 wheeler.  If the 18 wheeler has to suddenly slam on its brakes, the car can slide beneath the truck, ripping the entire top portion of the car off.  These accidents most commonly result in fatalities.  Despite guardrails installed on many trucks, these accidents continue to be happen.  Click here for  more on trucking under-ride accidents.

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