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What Is A Cerebral Contusion?

A cerebral contusion involves bleeding or bruising of the brain, and can result from almost any type of brain trauma. Cerebral contusions occur when the brain bounces against the skull, resulting in deep bruises within the brain. Problems arise when the brain begins to swell from the bruise. Because the brain has no room to swell or grow within the skull, normal brain function is affected.

Causes Of Cerebral Contusions

Any blunt force trauma to the head can cause a cerebral contusion. Common causes are car wrecks, industrial accidents, Jones Act injuries, onshore oil field injuries, off shore oil field platform injuries, work place injuries, construction accidents, or slip and fall injuries.

Symptoms Of Cerebral Contusions

Vomiting, severe headaches, loss of memory, confusion, drowsiness, and weakness are all indications that one may have a cerebral contusion. Similarly, these symptoms can also be signs of a mild catastrophic head injury.

A cerebral contusion requires hospital admittance, and an MRI or CT may be ordered by the doctor to evaluate the degree of the injury.

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