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Sometimes trauma to the head can be so serious that it causes the skull to fracture, causing damage to membranes, blood vessels, and the brain. Workplace injuries involving head injuries are common. However, head traumas that amount to skull fractures are a little more rare. However, work place injuries such as falls; being struck by heavy objects can easily cause a skull fracture. Offshore injuries; mining injuries; construction injuries; oil field injuries; car accident injuries; heavy equipment accident injuries; and, tractor trailer accident injuries can all include skull fractures. Here are five common types of skull fractures:

Linear Skull Fracture: A linear skull fracture is the simplest and most common type of skull fracture. It is a break in the cranial bone that looks like a thin line, with no splintering or distortion of the bone. Linear skull fractures account for approximately 66% of skull fracture cases. A linear skull fracture itself is not inherently dangerous, however it is often accompanied by a concussion or brain contusion.

Basilar Skull Fractures: A basilar or basal skull fracture at the base of the skull. It is a rare type of fracture, occurring in only 4% of severe head injuries. When it does happen, it often tears the membrane surrounding the brain, causing fluid to leak out. Depending on the severity of the fracture, fluid can leak out of the nose and ears and build up around the eyes.

Comminuted Skull Fracture: A comminuted skull fracture occurs when the skull bone is broken or crushed into many pieces. In severe cases, shattered fragments of bone can be pushed into the brain itself. These bone fragments can tear brain tissue and cause intracranial hemorrhage.

Depressed Skull Fracture: Depressed skull fracture is a very serious type of skull fracture. In these circumstances a severe trauma to the head shatters the skull bone in towards the brain. Severe brain injury is almost certain with depressed skull fractures.

Diastatic Skull Fracture: A Diastatic skull fracture is one that occurs where the human skull plates bind together. The location between two skull plates is also referred to as a suture. This type of fracture is more common in children who have suffered skull fractures because the sutures in children’s skulls have not fully fused together.

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