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Product Liability


Energy drinks are now as popular and widely available as regular sodas, but they have seven times the amount of caffeine in them as a regular Coca-Cola.  The FDA is now investigating a young girl’s death, which is thought to be related to consumption of two Monster Energy Drinks.  In addition, there have been five…..

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Bed Rails: Do they really make us safer?

Whether they are used for children or for the elderly, the common conception of bed rails are that they keep the more fragile among us safe.  But is this actually the truth? Between 2003 and 2011, over 4,000 people had to be treated in hospital emergency rooms for bedrail accidents each year.  Over 150 people…..

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It is no secret that illegal drug abuse is not the only type of drug abuse plaguing our country, but the extent of it might surprise you.  Painkiller abuse is responsible for killing more people than all illegal drug abuse combined.  For a long time, the most abused prescription painkiller was Oxycontin.  Due to its…..

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Toddler killed by Pit Bulls after Slipping through Dog Door

Outside of Savannah, Georgia, a 2 year old girl was mauled to death by her family’s seven dogs while her mother, grandmother, and the rest of her family was inside the house.  The girl, Monica Renee Laminack, slipped into the backyard through a doggy door, unnoticed by the adults in the house. The seven pit…..

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Maryland Bans Sale of Crib Bumpers

Maryland has become the first state to ban the sale of crib bumpers.  Crib bumpers are commonly used in a baby’s crib to protect a child’s head from bumping into the sides, and to protect a child’s arms and legs from getting caught between the slats.  Many parents also invest in them to dress up…..

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How Does Product Liability Law Work?

  Product liability law provides protection for consumers in the event that a product is advertised defectively, manufactured defectively or designed defectively. It can be a complex area of the law and, because it covers such a wide range of products, the cases that involve product liability law can be remarkably different between one and…..

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Baxter Dual Luer Lock Caps Recall

After the discovery of the loose particulate matter within packaging, Baxter International Inc. announced it has initiated a voluntary recall of two lots of its Dual Luer Lock Caps (Product Code 2C6250, Lots 10043 and 10044). Baxter’s Dual Luer Lock Cap is used as a protective cap on access ports on medical devices such as…..

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FDA Being Pressured to Better Regulate E-Cigarette Industry

Forty state Attorneys General are pressuring the Food and Drug Administration to “restrict the advertising, ingredients, and sale of electronic cigarettes to youth,” according to the Wall Street Journal.  Use of e-cigarettes among young people is growing quickly: in 2011, 4.7% of children reported using e-cigarettes.  Just one year later, that number has jumped to…..

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Dietary Supplement Linked to Liver Complications

The dietary weight loss supplement OxyElite Pro has been linked to 29 cases of hepatitis in Hawaii.  This includes 11 hospitalizations, 2 liver transplants, and 1 death.  The vast majority of these patients reported having used OxyElite Pro in the two months leading up to their illness. Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver.  Symptoms include…..

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Google and HP Recall Chromebook Chargers

Customers are sometimes injured by products that do not meet proper safety guidelines, even when they are used in a normal way. Google and HP have been instructed to recall 145,000 units of their model Chromebook 11 charger and power supply, according to PR Newswire. Customers are advised that they should not use the charger…..

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