Houston Eye Injury Attorney

Workplace injuries often involve injuries to the eye. Not only are eye injuries painful and debilitating, but they can result in permanent injury and even blindness. Even when an eye injury does not result in total blindness, it can impair one’s standard of living. Eye injuries can limit what work an individual can perform, and can even limit lifestyle, such as an inability to drive.

Employees who work with chemicals, batteries, or other irritants may suffer burns to the eyes due to splattering, splashing or inadvertant touching. Even extended exposure to ultraviolet light can cause ultraviolet keratitis. Welders are commonly exposed to this injury.

Lacerations to the eyes are another common type of workplace eye injury. Individuals working around certain tools or sharp objects can suffer serious lacerations if they are not provided proper safety equipment. Individuals working at great heights are prone to fall accidents that may cause injury to the facial area. Those whose workplaces contain dust, sand, dirt, or grit can cause corneal abrasion. When the eyelid closes, it scrapes the abrasive material across the cornea. Such eye abrasion injuries are particularly prevalent in jobs that require sawing, sanding, cutting, grinding, shredding, or the handling of broken down material.

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