Admiralty Law Attorney

Maritime and Admiralty law deal with the application of law to events that occur on navigable waterways. These waterways include oceans, large lakes, and rivers that can be used by commercial entities. In some states, the territorial waters boundary extends three miles from land. Other states may have a more dynamic boundary which is more difficult to define. These boundaries become important factors in determining the rights of a maritime worker in the event of injury. If injured on the job on a waterway, maritime worker claims are governed by Admiralty Law.

Recreational Boating Accidents

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, in 2010 there were 4,604 recreational boating accidents that resulted in 672 deaths, 3,153 injuries, and approximately $35.5 million of damage to property. Recreational boating accidents typically involve a collision between two vessels, or a vessel and a fixed object. Causes of these accidents include operator inattention, excessive speeding, and alcohol use. In some instances, boating accidents are caused by a manufacturing defect causing an equipment malfunction. In any case, if you have been injured in a recreational boating accident, please contact the maritime attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP to understand your rights.

Cruise Ship Accidents And Injuries

Travelers usually do not know where to turn if they’ve been injured on a cruise ship. Passengers or crew members may have been assaulted by another passenger, suffered food poisoning, or have been injured on an excursion. Admiralty attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP represent injured passengers and crew members against the cruise lines and owners, regardless if they were injured on or off the cruise ship. The General Maritime Law of the United States covers claims for injury and death by passengers, in addition to other consumer protection laws. It is important to have an experienced maritime attorney to protect your legal rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.