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The Jones Act is a federal maritime law passed to protect seamen working on ships, offshore oil rigs, and seagoing vessels, including but not limited to riverboats, barges, fishing boats, cruise ships, tug boats, dredgers, container cargo ships, salvage ships, and charter boats. Federal courts define the term “seaman” as a person employed on a vessel to assist in the operation during a voyage and whose duties are performed on vessels engaged in commercial trade. The Jones Act may also extend to inland river workers, offshore workers, commercial divers and other underwater personnel.

Does The Jones Act Apply To Your Case?

The Jones Act does not apply in the same way that state workers’ compensation law does. In cases involving the Jones Act, you must prove that your employer was negligent and therefore at fault for your injuries. The Jones Act provides powerful protection under maritime law against your employer for injuries arising from negligent acts of your employer or co-workers. Jones Act negligence has a “featherweight” or “any part” causation standard. Under this causation standard, you must prove only that your employer’s negligence played the slightest part in producing the injury for which damages are sought. No other segment of the workforce in America has such powerful rights and protection under federal law. Contact our Jones Act lawyers in Houston today for a free case review to find out if the Jones Act applies to your case.

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When filing a Jones Act claim, the statute of limitations is three years. It is important that you do not delay in contacting a maritime attorney as soon as possible. The Jones Act lawyers at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP have the resources to handle your claim and recover any compensation to which you are entitled. Take advantage of your rights to compensation. Contact us when searching “Jones Act lawyer Houston” today.