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Trucking accidents can be caused by speeding, an improperly secured load shifting, inadequate training, defective brakes, unsafe lane changes, and various other reasons. Almost every single one off these reasons is preventable.  Loads need to be bolted or secured with straps, truckers need to drive a reasonable speed and under the legal limit, and drivers also need to be conscious of other drivers at all times.

To investigate the cause of the accident, lawyers may check the scene where the accident happened, talk to eye witnesses, and check the trucks digital recording equipment. The investigative process is to determine what happened before, during, and after the accident.  Click here to read more about trucking insurance.

Once the cause of the accident is determined, the investigating attorney must then decide if it is possible anyone could be held liable for the accident.  This type of legal work require experience and patience, but at the same time you need an attorney that is knowledgeable enough to act quickly.  The sooner we begin the process the better.

At Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, we take truck accident investigation very seriously. We will litigate your case to the best of our ability to make sure you get what you deserve.  Kirkendall Dwyer LLP has years of experience and has worked on similar cases, so we know what is on the line for victims of truck driving accidents.  If you are victim of a truck driving accident, contact the attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP as soon as possible for a free consultation so you can begin the process of recovery.