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Generic Version of Cancer Drug Doxil Approved by FDA

Doxil, an injection approved by the FDA to treat ovarian cancer, AIDS-related Kaposi’s sarcoma, and multiple myeloma, has been in short supply since November 2011.  A year and several months later, the FDA has finally approved a generic version of Doxil created by Sun Pharma Global FZE, a subsidiary of the Indian company Sun Pharmaceutical…..

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Toddler killed by Pit Bulls after Slipping through Dog Door

Outside of Savannah, Georgia, a 2 year old girl was mauled to death by her family’s seven dogs while her mother, grandmother, and the rest of her family was inside the house.  The girl, Monica Renee Laminack, slipped into the backyard through a doggy door, unnoticed by the adults in the house. The seven pit…..

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Maryland Court Rules Pit Bulls Inherently Dangerous

The Maryland General Assembly has failed to overturn a court decision from 2012 that declared all pit bulls to be inherently dangerous. In April of 2012, the Maryland Court of Appeals, the highest court in that state, ruled that pit bulls were to be considered inherently dangerous, establishing strict liability of owners of pit bulls…..

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PBS Brings Attention to Transvaginal Mesh and other Faulty Medical Devices

In the last few years, there has been much controversy surrounding the FDA and its approval process of medical devices.  Until several products began causing serious problems in patients, the public wasn’t aware that these medical devices most often go through the most minimal, lax approval process.   Transvaginal Mesh is one of those devices.  Marketed…..

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Pharma Sales Reps fail to Bring Drug Risks to Doctors’ Attention

Whether its a family physician or a specialist of some kind, we’ve all been in the waiting room of our doctor’s office when a pharmaceutical sales rep has walked in, samples in hand, all set to convince the doctor that her drugs are the ones to prescribe.  Many of us are disturbed by the fact…..

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Fertilizer Plant in West, Texas Explodes

An explosion at the West Fertilizer Company plant in West, Texas on the evening of April 17 has killed an unknown number of people and injured hundreds.  Firefighters responded to what began as a fire, but then quickly progressed into a massive explosion that could be felt for miles and registered as a 2.1 magnitude…..

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More Evidence of Serious Side Effects with Byetta, Victoza, and other Diabetes Drugs

  Diabetes Drug Attorneys The watchdog group The Institute for Safe Medication Practices conducted the most thorough evaluation of the FDA’s adverse events reports for the GLP-1 (glucagon like peptide 1) class of diabetes drugs to date.  The results were published in the group’s QuarterWatch report. The report found that there were starkly higher odds…..

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West Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Update

The search and rescue efforts continue in West, Texas after a massive explosion at the West Fertilizer Company Plant on Wednesday evening.  The number of dead still remains unconfirmed, but as of now, the number seems to be around 35.  This includes several first responders and firefighters.  Around 200 people have been injured.  In addition,…..

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FDA Exercising its Authority to Inspect Compounding Pharmacies

The fungal meningitis outbreak from the fall of 2012 that left over 700 people sick and 53 dead raised big questions about the compounding pharmacy industry, an industry not many people were aware of before the fatal outbreak that began at the New England Compounding Pharmacy.  The incident brought to light the fact that compounding…..

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Federal Government Suing Drug Company Novartis for Alleged Kickbacks

In the span of one week, the federal government has filed two civil suits against Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, alleging that the drugmaker paid kickbacks to both doctors and pharmacies to increase sales of their drugs.  Allegations include paying steep speaking fees and indulging doctors in extravagant meals at lavish restaurants in an effort to…..

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