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Winter Is the Worst for Slip and Fall Accidents

The weather in winter causes an increase in accidents of the slip and fall variety. While Texas doesn’t generally receive a lot of snow, there may be unusual snowstorms or icy conditions from sleet or freezing rain.

People who visit local businesses naturally rely on the owners of the property to perform proper maintenance, so that their sites are not plagued by hazardous conditions. However, not every business is focused on removing ice and snow as quickly as it should rightly be done. This may lead to slippery floors and sidewalks, and can result in people suffering injuries from a slip and fall accident.

If people are injured in an accident of this type, they may be eligible to receive compensation under Texas law. But they will have to choose a personal injury lawyer so that the conditions under which they fell can be proven. Otherwise, they may not win a suit for injuries sustained in this type of accident.

Victims in slip and fall accidents must demonstrate that a property owner knew about the ice or snow on his premises. This knowledge may be actual, or constructive. Constructive knowledge exists when a law firm like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can prove that the conditions have existed for a period of time sufficient that the owner should have become aware of these hazardous conditions.

Knowledge of a problem with ice or snow is a component of a claim that may be most often disputed by property owners, states World News. It is more often the subject of a legal challenge. A competent personal injury lawyer must be able to prove what the exact conditions were before and at the time of the slip and fall accident.

If someone suffers a slip and fall accident, they may experience broken bones or serious back injuries. It’s important that they contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as they can. It may be hard to determine the proper treatment type to help them recover from their injuries. If the recovery process is prolonged, this may lead to missed work and expensive medical bills.