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While whiplash is described as a non-medical term used as a way to categorize a variety of neck injuries caused by a sudden distortion in the vertebrae of the neck[i], it can cause serious medical conditions nonetheless. Usually, the most common form of whiplash occurs from a rear impact during a vehicle accident where the injured party is thrust forward and then quickly backward.

It was not that long ago when whiplash injuries were not very well understood. In fact, as a result of being used extensively throughout the insurance industry and the court system in filed petitions by a car or truck accident lawyer, this type of injury was often considered “suspect” at best. However, physicians that treat their patients experiencing whiplash pain have recognized the seriousness of the condition to bring it to the forefront.

Whiplash Causes

These types of neck injuries are usually associated with a rear-end vehicle accident. However, there are certainly other types of impacts that can cause this serious medical condition. These include:

  • Vehicle accidents not involving rear end impact
  • Contact sports including soccer, hockey and football
  • Snowboarding and skiing accidents
  • A serious assault producing head trauma
  • Child abuse, especially “shaken baby syndrome”
  • Slip and fall accidents at home and in stores

In general, a car accident attorney will handle all types of personal injury cases involving whiplash. They help find remedies for their clients that suffer from neck stiffness and pain, and a diminishing range of motion along with extensive headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, unusual sensations, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and challenged mental acuity.

Overall, the causes of serious whiplash can be extremely complex and go well beyond simply a devastating force of impact.

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