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According to the high numbers listed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration[i], it is quite possible that every driver, even good ones, at some point in their life will be involved in a vehicle accident. Whenever this happens, it is essential to know exactly what to do. The first step is in staying at your current location to provide important information to the officer that arrives on the scene to generate a report and handle the injured.

The first step to take involves staying calm. Even the most minor accident can create tense moments and frayed nerves. In fact, verbally screaming at the other individuals involved in the accident will not serve any direct purpose. It is imperative to remain on the scene in a calm manner until the police arrive. Consider calling a car accident lawyer while still at the scene to help determine all the proper steps to perform.

Next, it is important to determine if any of the parties involved in the accident have been injured. If so, it is important to call for medical assistance. The only help in rendering any type of first aid if you have the proficiency in doing so. In fact, the injured party should only be moved by qualified personnel on the scene.

It will be important to obtain all the necessary documentation of the other drivers along with any witnesses that are involved in the case. This includes names, addresses, driver’s licenses along with license plate information and insurance data.

While it is possible to contact your insurance company directly, you might consider hiring a car and truck accident attorney to handle that for you. They can begin the initial steps of filing a court case to ensure that you will be fully compensated for the damages, pain, and suffering created by the automobile accident.

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