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Two brothers were riding their motorcycles on Interstate 45 near FM 1960, on the evening of 19 January. One brother was following the other in a lane, when the van in front of them tried to enter the HOV lane, only to find that it was closed ahead, as reported by ABC 13.

The van swerved back into the lane, nearly colliding with the brothers. The motorcyclists swerved to avoid the van but entered the closed HOV lane. The first motorcyclist hit a barrier, and the second driver struck his brother. One brother died at the scene, while the other was airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Tales of motorcycle drivers being injured or killed are told much too often. Driving these vehicles can be dangerous, in large part because of the actions of other drivers on the road. When other motorists cause motorcycle accidents, it can be necessary to call a personal injury lawyer in Houston.

After an accident, the essential matters must be addressed. These include attending to anyone who is injured, getting everyone safely out of the way of traffic, and having a police report filed. It is then time to contact legal representation before moving forward.

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Be careful after a motorcycle accident to not admit any fault or wrongdoing at the scene. People are sometimes quick to blame accidents on the actions of motorcycle drivers, even when they are completely innocent. By contacting a personal injury attorney in Houston, you can ensure that your side of the incident is represented accurately and fairly.