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A Texas woman has been accused of running a red light, which caused a fatal accident. Sadly, she didn’t even have a good reason to be speeding. A Houston personal injury attorney could help the family of the victim in the case to find some sense of justice.

The incident began when the woman allegedly stole a Hello Kitty purse and several small items from a Walmart store on Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena, Texas at approximately 1 AM on the day in question.

It may not be clear to you yet that this is the type of case where a Houston personal injury attorney should be contacted. When the alleged thief attempted to sneak from the store, she was confronted by a security guard. This was reported in The Blaze, citing Vance Mitchell, who is the Pasadena police spokesperson.

It is reported that the alleged shoplifter pushed the security guard onto the ground and jumped into a pickup truck. She then fled toward the east. During her attempted getaway, she ran a red light at an intersection and struck a car heading through the side street on a green light.

The driver of that car, Anita Benton, was from Baytown, Texas. She was killed instantly. Her teenage daughter was also injured in the accident. The daughter was airlifted to a hospital nearby, and her injuries were not life-threatening. The family can contact Kirkendall Dwyer LLP to recover, at least financially, from the devastating event.

The woman who is suspected of shoplifting was arrested at the scene, and she will face charges. She may also be charged civilly, since her actions resulted in the death of an innocent victim.

The police have stated that this was a senseless crime since a mother lost her life over the theft of less than $50 worth of merchandise. It is a tragic incident that could easily have been avoided, had the alleged shoplifter simply turned herself in.