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Dr. James Lechleiter has received a patent for a finding that could significantly change the way that we treat brain injuries in the future.

Dr. Lechleiter, a professor at UT Health Science Center San Antonio, discovered a class of compounds that help to protect neurons in the brain after an injury occurs. The compound stimulates astrocytes in the brain to better protect the neurons.

Even with the help of this treatment, anyone who has experienced a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, will likely want to contact a brain injury attorney. TBIs, even with treatment, can cause very serious damage immediately and can affect you for the rest of your life.

Dr. Lechleiter has explained that even after the initial accident occurs, additional damage is often done to the brain for a period afterward. Swelling causes this damage, and his new discovery could help the brain to protect itself from this type of additional harm.

Brain injuries are always very serious, as they can cause many different types of damage, and can often be fatal. A brain injury attorney works to protect the rights of patients who have experienced this type of trauma due to the fault or negligence of others.

There may be a significant amount of time before Dr. Lechleiter’s groundbreaking treatment is widely available. Until then, people who suffer traumatic brain injuries will face the initial damage, as well as the swelling and additional impairment that follows.

When a brain injury attorney puts together a case, they ask for compensation not only for the patient’s current medical bills but also for the future medical treatments that are going to be needed and the future lost income. These are just a few of the legal options available to people with these serious injuries.