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Usually, it feels great to be number one. That is not the case when the list is describing states with the highest number of construction worker fatalities. In 2013, Texas was at the top of this list.

The Houston Chronicle reported this troubling news, stating that Texas could be leading in this category because of dangerous worksites, inadequate training, and labor rights violations. If this is true, it is essential that injured employees contact a Houston personal injury attorney.

Another way that Texas stands out is that it is the only state in the nation not to require employers to have worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance is put in place to provide compensation to workers who are injured and to the families of workers who die because of workplace accidents.

If a company does not have worker’s comp insurance, it becomes especially important to hire a Houston personal injury attorney. The attorney will help the employee or the employees’ families explore their legal options and potentially recover medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs, directly from the employer.

Even when the companies do have this type of insurance in place, it may still be very helpful to hire legal representation when injured, or when a family member is killed at work. The insurance companies will likely only pay out a percentage of the employee’s wages to the surviving family, or while an injured person recovers. This is typically not nearly enough to cover what is owed.

In Texas, where construction fatalities are high, and construction injuries are even higher, it is imperative to have connections to a reputable Houston personal injury attorney. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can act as a great source of legal guidance and representation during these challenging times.