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Do You Work in a Sick Building?

We hear of sick people all the time, but who knows anything about sick buildings? A Dallas personal injury lawyer does. There are buildings in every city that contain chemicals and vapors that can cause workers to become ill. Occupational lung disease is just one of the problems associated with ventilation in sick buildings.

Over 4,000 office workers were studied, to determine the degree to which they were affected by the buildings in which they work. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP handles cases where people have become sickened by their work locations. They may need help with payment for medical treatment and for any time they have not been able to work.

Buildings are assessed for ventilation problems when people become sick from working in them. Oxford Journals USA discovered that symptoms related to sick buildings were found in many workgroups. More women are sick than men and secretarial and administrative workers are usually more highly impacted than are professional or technical workers.

Buildings, which are ventilated by central fan units or induction units, usually have more people with symptoms than do buildings that have “all air” systems. A Dallas personal injury lawyer understands that many buildings have vapors or ventilation that can cause workers to become ill.

Workers in sick buildings experience stronger symptoms if the air is humidified or chilled. The costs for more extensive health care can be gained by a Dallas personal injury lawyer, along with payment for any work time lost.

Contamination at the microbiological level is often exacerbated by humidifiers and air chillers. The most common symptom related to work sickness is lethargy, followed by dry throat, headache, and stuffy nose. Some people also had tightness in the chest and difficulty in breathing. The symptoms associated with building sickness are quite widespread and they aren’t related to just a few buildings.