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Families traveling on the Hermann Park miniature train received more than they bargained for on January 19th. Instead of enjoying a peaceful ride next to the Houston Zoo, the passengers were involved in a collision with a parked Honda Accord.

KHOU recently posted a video, shot by a Hermann Park train passenger named Ian Dominguez, which shows the moment of impact between the car and the train. Even though the train is a mini train, it did have enough force to push the car almost all the way over onto its side.

Fortunately, no one involved in this accident was injured. Hopefully, the people on the train received medical examinations, especially since there were many children involved. If any injuries did or do surface, the people involved in this accident would need the support of a Houston personal injury lawyer.

There is currently an investigation underway concerning this incident. It is unknown why the car was left in the path of the train. What is clear is that there were numerous innocent passengers who were involved in an accident that could have caused serious injuries.

A Houston personal injury lawyer, such as those that can be found at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, would help anyone who was injured to understand and defend their rights. If you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, you have a right to seek compensation to cover any losses caused by the injury.

The Hermann Park train incident demonstrates that accidents can happen anywhere, and anytime, regardless of how careful you may be. You certainly cannot anticipate when someone will do something completely unexpected, like park their car on train tracks. A Houston personal injury lawyer can help you to move forward after the unexpected occurs.