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Slips and falls are most commonly associated with workplace incidents, but they can happen anywhere. People may slip and fall outside stores or businesses, or in parking lots. About one million people suffer slips and falls each year, states the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). In fact, about 20,000 people per year die after injuries sustained in falls, states EHS Today.

Dallas personal injury attorneys can help victims of slips and falls. As people age, they are more likely to fall, but this is exacerbated by icy walkways or slippery lots. There are measures to be taken for safer walking, but if you have experienced a fall, you need to know the facts regarding how your bills for medical treatment will be paid.

Our balance gets worse as we age since muscles weaken and ear structures perform less efficiently. The brain and inner ear are important for equilibrium, but weather conditions and unlevel areas also affect balance. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP understands how to get compensation for victims of falls when the blame is someone else’s. People can receive payment for medical bills and pain and suffering.

Aging effectively breaks down the nervous system cells in people, which may result in a reflex delay that leads people to become more susceptible to slip and fall injuries. This is exacerbated, however, by the conditions sometimes found in parking lots and on walkways that should be kept clean and ice-free. Salt should be used so that employees and customers are not threatened by falls.

Dallas personal injury attorneys help people who are victims of slips and falls to make sure that their medical treatment is paid. They may also receive money for any pain and suffering or loss of wages that occurred as the result of the injury. Whether the injury occurred in good weather or bad, business owners are still responsible for maintaining safe walkways around their buildings.