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It’s one thing to think that you have a brain injury, know the symptoms, and seek the proper medical advice based on that knowledge.

But what about a brain injury where there are no symptoms?

Researchers say this may be the case with soldiers coming home from war zones like Afghanistan and Iraq. Though the concept of traumatic brain injury (TBI) resulting from explosions isn’t new, the most recent research published in The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation said soldiers are at risk even when they aren’t showing any signs.

The signs of traumatic brain injury from incidents such as car accidents, slip and falls and construction accidents are familiar for brain injury attorneys with Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, who are well versed on the subject.

A good brain injury attorney will also follow news of research that could potentially affect new cases. In this study, researchers found that soldiers who had been exposed to explosions may still have damage to their brain’s white matter. Damaged white matter can have a negative impact on cognitive function, according to reports. The blasts may cause some expected signs of brain injury such as being dazed, dizzy, blacking out or having a headache but others will walk away with no visible symptom of TBI.

Doctors do not yet know why some veterans show no outward signs of TBI but still showed white matter impairment during testing. Researchers also said it’s too early to make a recommendation but doctors and nurses should be aware that what may be diagnosed as PTSD or depression could potentially be the result of a brain injury.

Every war zone soldier or veteran should be aware of this type of new information. If this information affects you or someone you know, you should consult with a doctor for testing.