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Any car collision can be very traumatic and stressful, whether it is a fender bender or a more serious accident. Regardless of the severity of the impact, there are a few key steps that a personal injury attorney will recommend that you follow.

Check for injuries

For your safety, and the safety of everyone involved, check to see if anyone has been injured.

Call 911

Even if the wreck was minor, call 911 to have a police report created. This will be a valuable document for you to have later.

Show compassion, but not guilt

When waiting for the police and talking with the other drivers involved, it is perfectly fine, and the nice thing to do, to ask if they are okay and to show concern for their well-being.

Even if you are worried that you may be partially to blame for the accident, do not speculate on who is to blame or admit any guilt. Do not apologize for the accident and stick to the facts when discussing what happened.

Exchange information

The police report will likely have much of the information that you need, but it is always smart to exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. You can give all of this information to your personal injury attorney.

Take photos and notes

Take photos at the scene of the accident, if you can do this safely, that show the position of the cars, any damage, and any skid marks that would illustrate the directions the cars were going.

Consult with your attorney

As soon as everyone is safe, and injuries have been addressed, contact your personal injury attorney. They will help you through this stressful challenge, allowing you to fully understand and pursue your legal options.