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Urgent Care Extends Hours for After-Hours Work Mishaps

Urgent Care walk-in clinics have announced that they are extending their business hours so that they can treat employees who need medical assistance after hours for non-life-threatening injuries, according to Digital Journal.

These clinics are open until 8:00 PM on weekdays, to give injured workers a place to go that is not as busy and congested as hospital emergency rooms. Workers who are injured on the job can speak to a personal injury attorney so that they are reimbursed for hazards in the workplace.

Even though employers have state and federal safety regulations they must follow, there is still a potential for workplace accidents. Many of these accidents do occur outside normal working hours.

Attorneys like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can see to it that workers who are injured on the job are not left to pay for their own medical bills. If they would wait until the next business day to seek help, the recovery process could be delayed, and the injury severity could be increased.

Hospital emergency rooms are open 24/7, of course, but they are often understaffed or congested, and the wait to be seen may be long. Once they are examined at a hospital, they may only receive quick service that requires them to visit their main healthcare provider or the hospital, again. A personal injury attorney can assure that whatever medical care employees need is handled promptly.

Losing an employee temporarily costs a business, but a personal injury attorney is on the side of the employee, ensuring that he is not returned to work too soon, and that any problems that led to the injury are taken care of.