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People may think of car accidents when they hear about a personal injury lawsuit but such lawsuits can be filed by anyone who believes they have been hurt unjustly.

As an example, consider the recent $15 million lawsuits of a 73-year-old Connecticut man who claims he suffers from traumatic nerve palsy after an accident on a bike from a New York City operator. The man is suing New York City and Citi Bike because he says he flipped the bike when the front wheel struck a low concrete wall next to the bike’s docking station, according to news reports. He says he didn’t see the barrier because it was too low to the ground.

It is this type of injury that personal injury attorneys like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP could potentially investigate and take on as a case. Personal injury lawyers are tasked with making sure that someone else’s negligence didn’t contribute to your suffering.

In the bike case, the victim says his nerve condition has robbed him of his sense of smell and taste. A personal injury attorney, in that case, says the concrete blockade — which is supposed to operate as wheel stops — has now been painted orange. The bikes are operated under contract as part of a bike share program with the City of New York that began less than a year ago.

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