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The legal world can often be quite complicated, and there are certain provisions and requirements that the plaintiffs and defendants in cases need to follow. In some cases, there may be confidentiality agreements in place that, when violated, could change the results of the case. No matter how small something might seem, such as not talking about the facts surrounding a case before everything settles might seem small, they are very important, as evidenced from a recent case involving someone’s misuse of Facebook. Listen to the advice of your personal injury attorney.

Facebook Post Alters Personal Injury Award

A post on Facebook recently resulted in a court dismissing an $80,000 settlement because the plaintiff and his family violated the terms of a confidential agreement with the defendant. The plaintiff’s daughter wrote a post on the social network that mentioned the results of the case, which she should not even have known since her father was not supposed to let anyone know. When the defendant learned of the Facebook post, they refused to pay. Because of the violation of the agreement terms, the court agreed, and they do not have to pay the settlement.

With all of the new technology that people use to communicate, people often do not think about what they should and should not post, and this is getting them into trouble. Your personal injury attorney should be able to give you more of an idea of what you should and should not do when you are going through a settlement or a trial case for your injury. It is in your best interest to listen to the advice they give.

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