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Marcus Davis, a 24-year-old motorcyclist, was driving so fast on Interstate 59 that police officers did not think it was safe to pull him over until he got off at Northpark, according to KHOU.

The problem was that Davis did not slow down. He continued on at incredibly high speeds, through Loop 949 and onto Martin Road. He eventually ran a red light, clipped the back passenger side of a Mustang, and died at the scene.

Police chases like this one are dangerous for everyone involved, including many innocent bystanders who may need a personal injury lawyer in Houston. People trying to go about their normal routines, like the woman driving the red Mustang, should not be placed in danger by criminals.

The Mustang clipped by Davis did come into contact with another car, but there were no serious injuries among the passengers and drivers of these vehicles. It is tragic that Davis lost his life during this pursuit, and it is fortunate that his actions did not result in any additional loss of life that day.

There are many police chases in which the innocent bystanders in the area are not so lucky. People fleeing the police are clearly not thinking rationally, and can be extremely reckless. If you are victimized during a scenario like this one, you can potentially receive compensation for your expenses and losses by contacting a personal injury lawyer in Houston.

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