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A dog that bit a fire captain that was responding to a medical emergency is to be euthanized.  The incident occurred on September 16 in Petaluma, California, when the firefighter responded to a medical emergency at a man’s house.  While he was treating the man, a dog charged into the room without barking or other warning and attacked the firefighter.  The dog bit Fire Captain Martin McCarville’s left leg and left hand, leaving him with puncture wounds.

The dog is a female, five-year-old pit bull mix that belonged to the man’s son, Daniel Delucci.  Delucci claims that the dog is gentle, though he admitted that the animal has fought with other dogs before.

The dog is being held in quarantine to make sure it is not rabid.  After the 10 day quarantine period, the dog will be euthanized at the Petaluma Animal Shelter.

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