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When you are in a car accident in which another driver is partially or completely at fault, that driver’s insurance company will likely send an adjuster to speak with you. A personal injury attorney from Kirkendall Dwyer LLP would advise you to say nothing at all.

This insurance adjuster’s primary goals are to detect any signs of fraud and to try to find ways to pay you less. According to MSN Money, some believe that adjusters are trained to:

  • Get you to settle as quickly as possible, offering less than what is fair for your vehicle
  • Trick you into compromising your side of the story
  • Getting you to go to a “preferred” repair shop

If their driver is clearly at fault, the insurance company will want to try to pressure you into settling very quickly, for the smallest amount possible. It is best to have a personal injury attorney help you so that you can explore your legal options and protect your rights.

Be careful when speaking with adjusters

In many cases, according to MSN, people slip up and say things they shouldn’t, without realizing it. Either at the scene of the accident or after, you might say things that could be used against you. Insurance adjusters are listening to hear you:

  • Apologize – This could be used to demonstrate that you are guilty.
  • Exaggerate – Exaggerations may be used to make you seem not credible.
  • Provide too much information – You might accidentally share personal information that could be used to demonstrate negligence on your part.

It can be very difficult, especially when emotions are running high after an auto accident, to choose your words carefully. The safest route is to hire a personal injury attorney who can represent you, eliminating the risk that you will say the wrong things.