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Many people’s professions are misunderstood and being a personal injury attorney in Houston is no different.

People make a lot of assumptions about things they don’t quite understand. Personal injury law, is actually a very serious, justice-oriented area of expertise designed to help you, the victim, protect your legal rights when you are injured.

Just the same, here are five things that people wrongly assume about personal injury attorneys:

● Personal injury attorneys are “ambulance chasers.” For one thing, the idea of chasing
down someone who is hurt to try to get them to file a claim is not only extremely
distasteful, it’s also illegal. In Houston, several lawyers have been charged for that very
thing because personal injury attorneys cannot solicit cases.

● You have to have a lot of money to see a personal injury lawyer. Consultations at
Kirkendall Dwyer LLP are completely free and allow you to share the facts of your case and determine what your next steps should be.

● Personal injury attorneys only handle car accidents. Not true. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP
handles a variety of cases including brain injuries, burn injuries, catastrophic injuries,
class action lawsuits, construction accidents, mass torts, car accidents, multi-district
litigation, nursing home abuse, slip, and fall accidents, and more.

● They are only after the money. Consulting a personal injury attorney is usually
something actually in a very extremely, personal and emotional time in their lives.
Kirkendall Dwyer lawyers are sensitive to the needs and care of clients who are
concerned about themselves or a loved one.

● I can wait to contact an attorney. Actually, time is really of the essence if you or a loved
one has been involved in any kind of accident resulting in a personal injury.

Don’t let wrong assumptions stop you from seeking the help you need in a personal injury case.