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Drinking and driving is a very serious offense because it can have devastating consequences. Unfortunately, we have further evidence of this due to an accident that occurred late at night, on January 19, in Dallas.

Pablo Martinez, only 22 years old, was the passenger in a truck that was being driven by a man who was later arrested on suspicion of intoxication manslaughter, according to Dallas News. The driver of the truck lost control, hitting the median on Royal Lane and two trees. Martinez did not survive.

This is a devastating incident for everyone involved. Any family that has experienced a loss as difficult as the Martinez family is certainly feeling knows that it can be impossible to know what to do next. One possible plan of action is to contact Dallas personal injury attorneys.

Taking legal action against the man responsible for Pablo Martinez’s death obviously will not bring this young man back or even ease the pain, but it can provide the family with a little bit of justice. The people responsible for careless acts such as these must face the consequences of their actions.

Dallas personal injury attorneys provide a voice for the survivors of drunk driving victims. This can be an extremely emotional and stressful time, and it is very important to have a support system, and this includes legal support.

Sometimes accidents and tragedies like this one remove essential providers from households, devastating families in many different ways. While it may not be the first thing anyone wants to think about, the family may need to take legal action in order to receive compensation from the person or people who have cost them a loved one. Dallas personal injury attorneys can be a valuable resource during this difficult time.