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Personal injuries can happen for a host of different reasons, and one of the most common, unfortunately, is from faulty medical devices. Many devices come onto the market before they should and without the proper testing. This puts many patients in danger even though they are unaware that such a danger exists. A good example of this is the trouble with the metal-on-metal hip implants that have been in the news over the past few years. Having a personal injury attorney can help you to understand whether you have a lawsuit for your hip replacement or for any other type of faulty medical device or drug.

In November of 2013, Johnson & Johnson, one of the makers of faulty hip replacements, agreed to settle a number of lawsuits to the tune of $2.5 billion. To some, this amount might seem rather large, but for all of those affected by these faulty implants, it simply helps to make up for the pain, suffering, and inconvenience, as well as their other medical bills due to the faulty hip, as any personal injury attorney will let you know. This latest settlement does not cover all of the various implants out there, and lawsuits are filed often against other manufacturers.

Dealing with these issues on your own can be very difficult, and it can be frustrating. You can’t expect to deal with legal problems and your health issues on your own. Instead, you need to hire a personal injury attorney who can help you understand what options you have. Get in touch with Kirkendall Dwyer LLP for the help you need regardless of what type of personal injury you might have suffered. Take the time to get the help you need so you can get on with a happy, healthy, and productive life.