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Two Dallas-based construction workers fell four stories while working in College Station, Texas. These men were working on the scaffolding of an apartment complex and retail development. They have now been released from the hospital.

It has not been reported what caused the two construction workers to fall in what has been deemed a workplace accident, but the men might consider hiring Dallas personal injury attorneys. While the injured workers were subcontractors, the company overseeing the project does have a responsibility to provide a safe work environment.

Texas is currently the only state not to require businesses to have worker’s comp insurance, which provides injured employees with a portion of their salary while they recover. The men who fell in College Station, Texas may not currently be receiving any type of compensation.

Many construction workers are injured or even killed, in Texas every year, often because of slips and fall like the one in this case. The Dallas personal injury attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP represent workers that have been injured, as well as the families of workers that are killed on the job.

The purpose of hiring a lawyer is to be able to explore and pursue legal action that could potentially lead to compensation for those who have experienced loss because of the accident. If the accident occurs because of someone else’s negligence, a lawyer can help you build a case and attempt to recover the payment.

As construction-related accidents are so prevalent in the area and can lead to serious injuries, it is important for these workers to have the guidance and support of Dallas personal injury attorneys. These lawyers can help the employees understand how they can best recover financially after they experience a serious workplace accident.