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Victims of Chemical Spills Have Rights

Chemical spills are much more common than the makers of chemicals would have people believe. Hazardous chemicals may be radioactive, poisonous, combustible, flammable, or explosive. Many people use products that contain hazardous chemicals and store them in their homes every day. They are usually handled without much thought, but if people are harmed by chemical spills, they can contact Houston personal injury attorneys to learn their rights.

Hazardous chemicals in varying forms may cause health effects, serious injury, and death. They can also damage homes, buildings, and property. Chemical and hazardous material spills inside buildings necessitate prompt isolation and a securing of the area. Other people must be warned away. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can advise those involved in chemical spills or leaks on how to be compensated for the pain they have suffered.

If workers have protective equipment, they can clean up chemical spills, if they feel that they can do so without injury, advises Texas A&M. Houston personal injury attorneys will advise those involved with the aftermath of spills on how to get on with their life.

After chemical spills, the building owners should make sure that the building is evacuated. They may use the fire alarm or the public address speakers. Managers will meet with emergency response personnel, and help them if they can. If the aftermath of a chemical spill is not handled properly, the victims may need Houston personal injury attorneys to help them in paying for extensive medical bills or loss of wages.

If hazardous chemicals are spilled in an area outside a building, the spill should still be isolated and secured. Managers must warn people of the danger and clear the area. Workers must be instructed not to wash the spilled chemicals into drains, where they could contaminate stormwater. Any victims should be moved as far away as practical so that they are not exposed to the chemical any longer.