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All-terrain vehicles are usually driven or used by adults, so it is usually a surprise to a community when a child is injured, or worse yet, killed. In Kingsport, TN, this is exactly what happened. A four-year-old boy died after playing around the ATV as it sat parked. Authorities say that it somehow became dislodged while the boy was playing on it and began rolling down the hill. The child was unfortunately caught up when the ATV went rolling down the hill and was pinned between the vehicle and a nearby home causing fatal injuries. After an investigation by the Kingsport police, they decided not to file any charges, and currently, no names have been released.

ATVs are fun for adults when used responsibly, but often children are left without the required supervision. This accident is definitely one that could have been avoided with the proper supervision. It also would have helped to have the ATV put up in a more secure place in an area with kids around. There is always the possibility of injury in conjunction with ATVs. They leave the driver unprotected, unlike in a car or truck that has a roof and walls. Something as simple as a lapse in judgment when storing your ATV could cause catastrophic results as mentioned above.

While the police department may have decided not to press any charges, there is still the possibility of a lawsuit. These lawsuits could potentially ruin a family that had no malicious intent. If you find yourself in a similar situation, contact an ATV accident lawyer at the law offices of Kirkendall Dwyer LLP. Give our attorneys the chance to protect you from those potential lawsuits. You don’t want your life ruined because of a simple accident or lapse in judgment, and we can help!