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Winter weather in Texas results in many auto accidents and slips and falls. First responders must still be ready to respond to emergencies, even when conditions are poor.

A Dallas personal injury attorney knows that first responders receive many calls per hour in bad weather. Many are the typical falls on ice or car accidents, and some are calls from expectant mothers. First responders must be prepared for any kind of situation, and some are more difficult to handle than others are.

In the winter storm of early December 2013 in Texas, first responders went to over 41 auto accidents and many slips and falls, states CBS Local. They also received 20 calls for women in labor. It seems like controlled chaos when the staff arrives. First responders injured during bad weather can call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP when they are injured while responding to the emergencies of others.

First responders are often scheduled for mandatory overtime in days or nights with bad weather. Workers have their names pulled at random, if they are not already scheduled. This enables the emergency companies to respond in all situations, in a timely manner. It also places a great deal of stress on the people responding to accidents. A Dallas personal injury attorney will help overworked first responders who are injured on the job, to reimburse them for medical treatment and work time lost.

Crews of emergency medical staffers are placed strategically around the county, to ensure fast arrival to emergency scenes. There are also ambulances on standby. Dispatchers do advise people who call for help that there is bad weather and it may take a bit longer than usual for help to arrive. Extra dispatchers are also used in times of bad weather.

First responders are as vulnerable as anyone else is to slips, falls and car accidents, especially in bad weather. A Dallas personal injury attorney will help explain the rights of workers when they are injured on the job.