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An 11-year-old girl living in a housing community near downtown Houston was bit by a dog Tuesday evening.  She was taken to the hospital and will be treated for deep puncture wounds to the leg.

The girl was allegedly trying to pick up one of the dog’s puppies, which likely provoked the dog attack.  While some of the other residents claim that the dog has frequently been aggressive, others say that it is the children that bother and provoke the dog.  Authorities have seized the dog and puppies and are likely to euthanize the dog.

While at first glance, dog bites may not appear to be severe, serious infections and complications can result.  It is imperative that children in particular be taught how to behave around dogs.  Even dogs that are pets can be provoked into biting, and children should never be left around dogs unattended.  For more tips on how to keep your child safe around dogs, click here.

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