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Dog Attack Turns Deadly in Southeast Houston

On January 5, a homeless woman was mauled and killed by two pit bulls. According to the Houston Chronicle, Osby Pineles, and a friend, arrived on the scene during the attack. Pineles tried to pull the dogs away, and the friend went to nearby homes for help. Each of the men sustained minor injuries from the dogs.

Osby Pineles, his friend, and anyone else who is attacked by dogs should contact a personal injury attorney in Houston. With the help of a lawyer, you can take legal action against the people who are responsible for the dogs that attacked you.

At the time that the Houston Chronicle article was published, the police had located one of the pit bulls that was involved in the attack, but not the other pit bull or the owner. The police had determined the identity and address of the owner, however. This would be valuable information to provide to a personal injury attorney in Houston.

When you own a dog, especially if that dog is a breed that is known for being aggressive, it is your responsibility to protect the public from your dog. This typically means doing what needs to be done to keep the dog restrained. Clearly, the person who owns these pit bulls failed to accomplish this.

The laws vary from area to area, but the local government may be held responsible if a stray dog attacks you. A personal injury attorney in Houston, for example, the lawyers at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, can help you understand what you can do in this situation.

Always take a dog bite seriously. Even if the injury is minor, the dog could pass along a serious virus, such as rabies. Always seek proper treatment after being bitten by any animal.