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Mysteries abound around a falling death at the stadium at Texas A&M. On December 3, 2013, a contractor fell and died while he was working on the field’s multi-million dollar renovation project. An investigation has begun into the facts leading to his death. Accidental death can be so difficult to understand, and a Houston personal injury attorney can advise the families of victims about what they can expect and how they can possibly move forward in a positive way.

The details are not clear, except that Angel Garcia had been working on a pedestrian ramp on the northeast part of the stadium, which is the portion undergoing the renovation. He fell from the concrete ramp’s fourth level. He was rushed to a local hospital, but he later died there of the injuries he suffered. The attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP know how to handle all the details that will assure that the devastated family is properly compensated for their loss.

The death of Angel Garcia comes about six months after five other workers were injured seriously when there was a collapse at the new A&M equine center. The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (also known as OSHA) is continuing an investigation. A Houston personal injury lawyer is able to explain the process to the family of the victim. The contractor and university police are also involved in the investigation.

Houston Culture Map states that it isn’t clear how this accident and the investigation by OSHA will affect the first phase of A&M stadium construction, which was to be completed in time for the first home football game in early September 2013.

The company that employed Garcia has been facing OSHA citations including one this last July when they failed to meet the federal requirements regarding preparing a demolition site. The company settled with OSHA regarding the problem. Garcia’s family may contact a Houston personal injury lawyer to help them with the legal issues that surround accidental death.