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A mixed martial artist who recently died after being repeatedly jabbed in the head with
his opponent’s elbow is the latest athlete to bring the spotlight back to brain injuries in
professional sports.

Booto Guylain died after a bout with fellow artist Keron Davies caused swelling and
bleeding of the brain in late February. Although mixed martial arts is a particularly brutal sport, any game that has the potential for head injuries from football to soccer is up for serious discussion.

The topic of traumatic brain injuries is something that Kirkendall Dwyer LLP personal
injury attorneys in Houston and Dallas are familiar with. Brain injuries can happen in any
type of accident where a person strikes their head on a hard surface, such as car
accidents (the most common cause), construction accidents, slips and falls, etc.
Personal injury lawyers are tasked with gathering facts to determine whether a person
or organization was negligent in causing their client’s injuries.

In sports, repeated concussions can cause more damage than previously realized or
acknowledged in the past. One lightweight UFC fighter retired in February after a 13-
year MMA career because of multiple injuries he got during training. Two other MMA
fighters retired for the same reason and officials seem to be taking concussions more

A brain injury can cause lifelong consequences, including loss of vision, memory and
chronic confusion and blackouts. The effects of brain injuries can vary depending on a
person’s age, health, the impact on the head/brain and where on the head the injury
was sustained.

If you have suffered an accident and suspect you have a brain injury, please do not
delay in contacting a medical doctor for treatment and then contact a personal injury
lawyer at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP if you believe that you were wrongfully injured.