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A paramedic in a medical helicopter was blinded in one eye when someone on the ground pointed a laser pointer at the chopper at 4:30 a.m. on the 24th of January.

As reported by NBC DFW, the helicopter had to make an unplanned landing at Dallas Love Field, and an ambulance picked up the patient. Police are still investigating to try to find the person who had been shining the laser.

While the person aiming the laser at the helicopter may not have realized the damage they were doing, they put many lives in danger through their actions. The paramedic that was injured, and the patient that was delayed could contact a Dallas personal injury attorney at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP to explore their legal options.

While a laser may be a small stream of light, the stream becomes amplified at a greater elevation. The beams can be dangerous when shone in someone’s eyes at any distance but are especially hazardous for people in an aircraft. While it is difficult to spot the location of the people who are doing this, a Dallas personal injury attorney could help someone who has been hurt by a laser determine what they should do next.

The paramedic that was afflicted in Dallas reportedly is still having trouble seeing out of one eye and is experiencing a great deal of pain. This story might seem like it is random and extraordinary, but an FAA spokesman stated that the Dallas-Fort Worth area averages one or two reports of lasers every week.

Laser damage to the eye is an injury that can affect your sight for the rest of your life. If you sustain this type of injury, a Dallas personal injury attorney can provide the legal guidance that you need.